Implementation of Chinese Rebar Standard Has Resulted in 89% of Surveyed Rebar Producers Adopting Vanadium in Rebar Production

TONBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM, 26th March 2019. Vanitec, the Trade Association representing global companies and organisations involved in the processing, manufacturing, mining, research and use of vanadium and vanadium-containing products, praised the implementation of the Chinese Rebar Standard.

The implementation of the Chinese Rebar Standard GB/T 1499.2.2018 in November 2018 will significantly promote the application of vanadium in rebar production in China. Preliminary calculations done by the joint Vanitec/Chinese Central Iron & Steel Institute (‘CISRI’) Vanadium Technology Centre, have indicated that the consumption of vanadium in China for the year 2018, increased by 5,000MT in comparison to 2017.

The standard has been active for over four months and the results thus far are impressive. MySteel surveyed nearly 200 Chinese rebar producers showing that 89% of the producers use vanadium microalloying to produce high-strength rebar.

Dr David Crowther of Vanitec commented, “Vanadium micro-alloying is the ideal solution for the production of high strength rebar because the inherent characteristics of vanadium are suited to the carbon content and typical high rolling temperatures of the processing route for rebar. Vanadium micro-alloying allows for the formation of nano sized vanadium-rich particles which result in increased strength and improved properties. Other microalloying elements, such as niobium, are less suited to rebar applications, because their reduced solubility limits their ability to form the nano sized particles which are critical to achieving the demanding properties required particularly for seismic rebar.”

The implementation of the Chinese Rebar standard is a remarkable and exemplary action. Vanitec supports the mandate of enforcing stricter rules on rebar producers to ensure that the rebar produced is of a high standard. Furthermore, Vanitec believes that more rebar standards across the globe, particularly in seismic areas, should be amended to outline stricter requirements for rebar producers.

Vanitec, based in Tonbridge, Kent UK, was founded in order to promote the use of vanadium bearing materials, and thereby to increase the consumption of vanadium in high strength steels and steel products, as well as to support the use of vanadium in new ventures such as the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) and other leading-edge technologies which take advantage of the unique characteristics of vanadium.


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