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Theoretical and Experimental Nucleation and Growth of Precipitates in a Medium Carbon–Vanadium Steel

 Sebastián F. Medina (1), Inigo Ruiz-Bustinza (1) , José Robla (1)  and Jessica Calvo (2)

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Vanadium Microalloying for Ultra-high Strength steel Sheet Treated by Hot-dip Metallising

B. Hutchinson (1), D. Martin1, O. Karlsson (1), F. Lindberg1, H. Thoors (1), R. K.W. Marceau…

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Interphase Precipitation – An Interfacial Segregation Model

Samuel Clark (1), Vit Janik (1), Yongjun Lan (1,2), Seetharaman Sridhar1 (1)

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Corrosion Resistant of Inorganic Coating for 50CrVA Spring Steel at Elevated Temperatures

 Xiaomeng ZHANG (1), Lianqi WEI (1), Xiaojing WANG (1,2)  Guoyan FU (1,2)  Ziyi LIU (1,3)  Bo YU…

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Structure-properties Relationship of Ultra-fine Grained V-microalloyed Dual Phase Steels

C. P. Scott  (1), F. Fazeli (1), B. Shalchi Amirkhiz (1), I. Pushkareva (1) and S.…

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The Influence of Vanadium on Ferrite and Bainite Formation in a Medium Carbon Steel

T. Sourmail (1), C. Garcia-Mateo (2), F. G. Caballero (2), S. Cazottes (3), T. Epicier…

Stress–strain Behavior of Ferrite and Bainite with Nano-precipitation in Low Carbon Steels

Naoya Kamikawa (1), Kensuke Sato (2), Goro Miyamoto (1), Mitsuhiro Murayama (3), Nobuaki Sekido (4),…

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Impact of Vanadium Addition on API X100 Steel

Shahrooz Nafisi (1), Muhammad Arafin (2), Robert Glodowski (3), Laurie Collins (1), and Jerzy Szpunar…

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The Role of Vanadium in Microalloyed Steels

Rune Lagneborg, Bevis Hutchinson, Tadeusz Siwecki, Stanislaw Zajac