Vanadium set for “disruptive” demand growth as battery energy storage boom gains momentum: Vanitec

The use of vanadium in the battery energy storage sector is expected to experience disruptive growth this decade on the…

Guidehouse Insights: Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

Identifying Market Opportunities and Enablers, Published 2Q 2022, Commissioned by Vanitec

Assessing the Role of Vanadium Technologies in Decarbonizing Hard-to-abate Sectors and Enabling the Energy Transition

David A. Santos (1,2), Manish K. Dixit (3), Pranav Pradeep Kumar (3,4) and Sarbajit Banerjee (1,2)

Influences of Vanadium and Silicon on Case Hardness and Residual Stress of Nitrided Medium Carbon…

Jonah Klemm-Toole (1), Michael Burnett (2), Amy J. Clarke (1), John G. Speer (1), and…

Life cycle assessment of lithium-ion batteries and vanadium redox flow batteries-based renewable energy storage systems

Lígiada Silva Lima (1), Mattijs Quartier (1), Astrid Buchmayr (1), David Sanjuan-Delmás (1,2), Hannes Laget (3), Dominique Corbisier (3), Jan…

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Punching above its weight: life cycle energy accounting and environmental assessment of vanadium microalloying in…

Pranav Pradeep Kumar (1,2),  David A. Santos (3,4),  Erick J. Braham (3,4),  Diane G. Sellers…

Cost, performance prediction and optimization of a vanadium flow battery by machine-learning

Tianyu Li, Feng Xing, Tao Liu, Jiawei Sun, Dingqin Shi, Huamin Zhang and Xianfeng Li 

Vanadium sustainability in the context of innovative recycling and sourcing development

M. Petranikova (1), A. H. Tkaczyk (2) A. Bartl (3) A. Amato (4) V.Lapkovskis (5) C.Tunsu (1)

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Modelling of redox flow battery electrode processes at a range of length scales: a review

Barun Kumar Chakrabarti (a), Evangelos Kalamaras (a), Abhishek Kumar Singh (b), Antonio Bertei (c,J), Rubio-Garcia (d),…

Understanding vanadium redox flow batteries

Jens Noack, Nataliya Roznyatovskaya, Chris Menictas and Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

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Vanadium The Versatile Element

Vanitec video and presentation

The Influence of Vanadium Additions on Isothermally Formed Bainite Microstructures in Medium Carbon Steels Containing…

Irina Pushkareva (1), Babak Shalchi-Amirkhiz (1), Sébastien Yves Pierre Allain (2), Guillaume Geandier (2), Fateh Fazeli…

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Shining a light on VRFB for energy storage applications

The deployment of energy storage batteries has increased over the years and the use of vanadium in energy storage applications…

Vanadium vs. Niobium in Rebar

Any microalloying element used in high strength rebar must offer users combinations of high strength, good ductility, bendability, ease of…

The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery – A Game Changer for Energy Storage Safety

VRFB - Non-degradation, Non-flammable, Low Likelihood of Fire

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery vs Lithium Battery

VRFB - The leading flow battery that uses one transformational element.