200MW/1000MWh! Announcement of Candidates for Winning the General Contract of Three Gorges Energy Xinjiang Vanadium Flow Battery Energy Storage Design and Construction

V-Battery (WeChat), 18 March 2024

On 15 March 2024, the China Three Gorges Electronic Procurement Platform announced that the winning bidder for the design and construction of the 200MW/1000MWh vanadium flow battery energy storage project of the Three Gorges Energy Xinjiang Jimusar Optical Storage Project is: Shanghai Investigation, Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Dalian RONGKE POWER Co., Ltd.. The bidding price was 1,929,019,533.47 yuan.

According to the previous bidding announcement, the bidder for designing and constructing the 200MW/1000MWh vanadium flow battery energy storage project of Three Gorges Energy Xinjiang Jimusar Power Storage is Three Gorges New Energy Jimusar Power Generation Co., Ltd.

The project is located about 11km northwest of Jimusar County in Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang, and about 6km northwest of Beiting Town. The west and north sides of the site are adjacent to existing rural roads, and the south side is about 1km away from Y385 Township Road and about 5.5km away from X183 County Road, making transportation very convenient.

This project plans to build a 200MW/1000MWh vanadium flow battery energy storage system, which mainly consists of vanadium flow battery electrolyte, storage tanks, stacks, thermal management systems, circulation systems, battery management systems (BMS), and energy management systems (EMS), self-consumption power system, power distribution equipment, converter (PCS) and step-up transformer integrated machine, supporting auxiliary facilities and equipment and construction projects. (The access system plan is subject to the final access system review). It was originally planned to start construction on March 1, 2024, and be connected to the grid at full capacity before November 30, 2024. The specific start date shall be subject to notification from the tenderer or supervisor.