300MW/1.2GWh! Lijiang Huaping Signed a Vanadium Flow Battery Energy Storage High-End Equipment Manufacturing Project with Beijing Green Vanadium

Source: North Star Energy Storage Network, 15 May 2024

According to the news released by Lijiang, on 12 May, the People's Government of Huaping County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, and Yunnan Green Vanadium New Energy Development Co., Ltd. signed a vanadium flow battery energy storage high-end equipment manufacturing project investment agreement.

It is reported that as early as 10 December 2023, the People's Government of Lijiang City signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Green Vanadium New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. for the vanadium Flow battery Energy Storage High-end Equipment Manufacturing Project. Yunnan Green Vanadium New Energy Development Co., Ltd. was established on 2 January 2024 in Huaping.

This time, the contracted project is a high-end equipment manufacturing project for vanadium flow battery energy storage with an annual output of 300MW/1.2GWh. The total investment is 350 million yuan, covering an area of approximately 60 acres. The project is located in the East Park of Shilongba Clean Energy Carrying Industrial Park in Huaping Industrial Park. The construction includes a vanadium battery stack production line, an energy storage system integration production line, vanadium electrolyte preparation, an electrolyte storage tank production and manufacturing line, and a proton exchange membrane manufacturing line.