Joining hands with Dalian Ronke Energy Storage, CNNP Rich Energy signed a green low-carbon energy storage industrial park

Source: Polaris Energy Storage Network News, 19 April 2024

On 17 April, CNNP Rich Energy Zhoukou CNNP Green Low-Carbon Energy Storage Industrial Park + Million kilowatts Wind Power Integrated Project was officially signed at the 4th Zhoushang Conference and Zhoushang Zhoucai Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation and Exchange Event in Zhoukou City, Henan Province.

The "Green Energy Storage + Wind Power Project" is jointly funded and constructed by CNNP Rich Energy (Henan) Co. Ltd., Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhoukou Platform Company. The first phase of the project includes "vanadium flow battery energy storage equipment manufacturing", "GWh-level national energy storage demonstration power station", "technology research and development centre", and "wind power generation, etc.