The Neijiang 100MW/400mwh Vanadium Flow Battery Energy Storage Power Station Demonstration Project in Sichuan Has Started Construction

Source: V-Battery, 8 April 2024

On 3 April, an on-site promotion event for major projects in the second quarter of 2024 in Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, was held in the Neijiang Economic Development Zone. As the "main character" of this on-site promotion activity, the 100MW/400MWh vanadium flow battery energy storage power station demonstration project has started construction.

This project is one of the first new energy storage demonstration projects in Sichuan Province, with a total investment of approximately 1.36 billion yuan, covering an area of 58.64 acres and an overall construction scale of 100MW/400MWh. After completion, it will become an integrated emergency peak-shaving base for Sichuan-Chongqing energy, a vanadium battery integrated equipment production base and a national demonstration base for new energy storage application scenarios. "Simply speaking, this project is similar to a large' power bank'." The relevant person in charge of the Economic and Science Bureau of Neijiang Economic Development Zone introduced that the power station is an energy storage station that charges when power consumption is low. During peak discharge, it can discharge 100,000 kilowatt-hours per hour and sustainably operate at full load for 4 hours.

The main leader of Neijiang Economic Development said that the completion and operation of the project will effectively improve the security, reliability, and emergency adjustment capabilities of regional power grids, promote the optimization of local energy structure and upgrading of industrial structure, and develop the "vanadium titanium+" billion yuan industrial chain in Neijiang City. It is significant to ensure energy security in the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Circle and achieve the "dual carbon" goal.