China’s second largest shared energy storage project Huayong Group vanadium flow battery power station settled in Harbin Acheng District

At 10am on 18 October, the launch ceremony of the 50MW/200MWh shared energy storage project of Huayong Group and the signing and commencement ceremony of the second batch of investment promotion projects in Acheng District in 2023 were held in Acheng District, Harbin.

The 50MW/200MWh shared energy storage project of Huayong Group, located in Acheng District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. It is a key provincial and municipal investment attraction project. The project operation period is 25 years, with a total investment of 750 million yuan. After reaching production, it can consume 150 million kilowatt hours of green electricity every year, with an output value of nearly 100 million yuan. This project is the first large-scale shared energy storage demonstration project in Heilongjiang Province invested by Huayong Group. Its scale is second only to the world's largest Dalian vanadium redox flow battery energy storage peak-shaving power station, which ranks first among vanadium redox flow shared energy storage projects in the country. This project can effectively utilize the rich vanadium ore resources in Heilongjiang Province and drive the development of mining and industry in Heilongjiang, making the project have a good industrial driving effect and investment multiplier effect. The construction of the project will also drive the development of the vanadium flow battery industry chain and the introduction of corresponding talents, and pull the synchronous development of upstream industries such as energy storage media, proton exchange membranes, and electrode processing manufacturers.