Zunyi: Signed A 5.3 Billion Yuan Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Open A New Chapter in Vanadium Flow Battery Energy Storage

Source: Polaris Energy Storage Network, 30 April 2024

According to Guizhou Zhixi Technology, on the afternoon of 29 April, the Zunyi Municipal People's Government, Huadian (Guizhou) New Energy and Guangzhou Zhixi Technology officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Zunyi City Administrative Center.

According to the agreement, Guangzhou Zhixi Technology will invest approximately 5.3 billion yuan to promote a vanadium flow battery energy storage industry chain project in Zunyi City and provide supporting work for the wind power development project of Huadian (Guizhou) New Energy. The People's Government of Zunyi City will provide excellent services, promote the implementation of signed projects, and take this cooperation as an opportunity to continuously expand the cooperation among the three parties in the energy storage of vanadium flow batteries and promote the deepening of new industrialization.

The signing of this cooperation agreement is an important measure for Huadian (Guizhou) New Energy and Guangzhou Zhixi Technology to fully exploit their respective advantages and work with the Zunyi Municipal People's Government to plan the future of Zunyi's vanadium flow battery energy storage. This will open a new chapter for vanadium flow battery energy storage in Zunyi City.