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Assessing the Role of Vanadium Technologies in Decarbonizing Hard-to-abate Sectors and Enabling the Energy Transition

David A. Santos (1,2), Manish K. Dixit (3), Pranav Pradeep Kumar (3,4) and Sarbajit Banerjee (1,2)

Influences of Vanadium and Silicon on Case Hardness and Residual Stress of Nitrided Medium Carbon Steels

Jonah Klemm-Toole (1), Michael Burnett (2), Amy J. Clarke (1), John G. Speer (1), and…

Life cycle assessment of lithium-ion batteries and vanadium redox flow batteries-based renewable energy storage systems

Lígiada Silva Lima (1), Mattijs Quartier (1), Astrid Buchmayr (1), David Sanjuan-Delmás (1,2), Hannes Laget (3), Dominique Corbisier (3), Jan…

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Cost, performance prediction and optimization of a vanadium flow battery by machine-learning

Tianyu Li, Feng Xing, Tao Liu, Jiawei Sun, Dingqin Shi, Huamin Zhang and Xianfeng Li 

Vanadium sustainability in the context of innovative recycling and sourcing development

M. Petranikova (1), A. H. Tkaczyk (2) A. Bartl (3) A. Amato (4) V.Lapkovskis (5) C.Tunsu (1)

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Modelling of redox flow battery electrode processes at a range of length scales: a review

Barun Kumar Chakrabarti (a), Evangelos Kalamaras (a), Abhishek Kumar Singh (b), Antonio Bertei (c,J), Rubio-Garcia (d),…

Understanding vanadium redox flow batteries

Jens Noack, Nataliya Roznyatovskaya, Chris Menictas and Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

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The Influence of Vanadium Additions on Isothermally Formed Bainite Microstructures in Medium Carbon Steels Containing Retained Austenite

Irina Pushkareva (1), Babak Shalchi-Amirkhiz (1), Sébastien Yves Pierre Allain (2), Guillaume Geandier (2), Fateh Fazeli…

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Interaction of Precipitation with Austenite-to-ferrite Phase Transformation in Vanadium Micro-alloyed Steels

Chrysoula Ioannidou (1), Zaloa Arechabaleta (1), Alfonso Navarro-López (1), Arjan Rijkenberg (2), Robert M. Dalgliesh…

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Structure-properties Relationship of Ultra-fine Grained V-microalloyed Dual Phase Steels

C.P. Scott (1), F. Fazeli (1), B. Shalchi Amirkhiz (1), I. Pushkareva (1), S.Y.P. Allain…

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Theoretical and Experimental Nucleation and Growth of Precipitates in a Medium Carbon–Vanadium Steel

 Sebastián F. Medina (1), Inigo Ruiz-Bustinza (1) , José Robla (1)  and Jessica Calvo (2)

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Vanadium Microalloying for Ultra-high Strength steel Sheet Treated by Hot-dip Metallising

B. Hutchinson (1), D. Martin1, O. Karlsson (1), F. Lindberg1, H. Thoors (1), R. K.W. Marceau…

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Interphase Precipitation – An Interfacial Segregation Model

Samuel Clark (1), Vit Janik (1), Yongjun Lan (1,2), Seetharaman Sridhar1 (1)

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Corrosion Resistant of Inorganic Coating for 50CrVA Spring Steel at Elevated Temperatures

 Xiaomeng ZHANG (1), Lianqi WEI (1), Xiaojing WANG (1,2)  Guoyan FU (1,2)  Ziyi LIU (1,3)  Bo YU…

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