Heavy Gauge H-shapes with Excellent Seismic-resistance for Building Structures Produced by the Third Generation TMCP


Heavy gauge H-shapes under the brand names of RIVER TOUGH 325 and 355, have been developed for SM520CTMC and SN490CTMC grades of JIS G 3106 and 3136 for building structures. Their high strength and toughness were achieved by enhanced refining mechanism in would-be-called the third generation TMCP, which is a new hot rolling method for raising ferrite nucleation rate by promotion of VN precipitation in the austenite phase by using a V-N bearing steel. The results of full scale loading tests carried out on a column-beam structure, in which the column consisted of the newly developed heavy gauge H-shape, proved the column to have a sufficient deformation capacity and to ensure a safe structure as a material for high-rise buildings.


V-N bearing steel , heavy gauge H-shapes, TMCP, VN precipitation, ferrite nucleation.


Tatsumi Klmura (1), Fumimaru KAWABA1A (1), Kenitiamano (1), Akio OHMORI (1), Mitsuhiro OKATSU (1), Kiyoshi UCHIDA (2), And Takumi ISHII (3)


  1. Plate and Shapes Lab., Technical Research Labs., Kawasaki Steel Corp.
  2. Technical Service Sec., Technical Control Dep., Mizushima Works, Kawasaki Steel Corp.
  3. Structure Research Labs., Construction Materials Center, Kawasaki Steel Corp.


International Symposium on Steel for Fabricates Structures, ASM Int., USA, Nov. 1999, pp.165-171