New Vanadium-Microalloyed Bainitic 700 MPa Strip Steel Product


Hot rolled strips having a minimum yield stress of 700 MPa have been produced in full scale processing. Alloy additions (1.5%Mn, 1%Cr and 0.3%Mo) together with rapid cooling on the run out table produce fully bainitic microstructures which confer strength and toughness. Microalloying with 0•08%V has been shown to be essential for achieving stable strength levels that are independent of the coiling temperature since the necessary low coiling temperatures are difficult to reproduce accurately under steelworks conditions. The products have excellent bendability and HAZ toughness. Typical microstructures and textures of the hot rolled strips are also presented.


Bainite; Vanadium; Hot strip; Steel


B. Hutchinson (1), T. Siweck (1), J. Komenda (1), J. Hagström (1), R. Lagneborg (1), J.-E. Hedin (2), M. Gladh (2)


(1) SwereaKIMAB Box 7074, SE-16407 Kista, Sweden
(2) SSAB EMEA, SE-78184 Borlänge,


Ironmaking and Steelmaking, May 24, 2013

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