The Influence of Vanadium-Microalloying on the Weldability of Steels


In this paper the aim will be to focus attention on the current information concerning weldability aspects related to vanadium-microalloyed steels for structural, pressure vessel and linepipe applications and to consider the relevant weldability aspects of solidification cracking, reheat cracking, hydrogen cracking during fabrication, HAZ (heat affected zone) hardening, and HAZ and weld metal toughness. In recent years vanadium additions have also been applied to the Cr-Mo steels for elevated temperature use, and this too will be considered. Finally some consideration will be given to the so-called 'vanadium effect' in promoting intragranular nucleation, particularly during welding, in C:Mn microalloyed steels.


Vanadium microalloying, weldability, solidification cracking, reheat cracking, HAZ hydrogen cracking, HAZ hardening, weld metal toughness.


P. H. M. Hart


TWI Limited, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridge CB1 6AL


The Use of Vanadium in Steel - Proceedings of the Vanitec Symposium, Beijing, China, Oct. 2001, pp.132-150