Vanadium in Cold Rolled HSLA Sheet Steel


In comparison to other microalloying elements, vanadium has received less attention as a primary alloying addition to cold rolled and annealed sheet steels. However, with changes in steelmaking, alloying, and solid-state processing practices over the years, it is worthwhile to examine the contributions of vanadium in cold rolled products. In this paper the principles of vanadium precipitation applicable to typical thermal processing windows for cold rolled sheet steels are reviewed along with results from a recent study on the combined effects of V and AI in a thin slab cast product.


vanadium microalloying, cold rolled steel.


D. K. Matlock (1), R. J. Glodowski (2), J. G. Speer (1), J. A. Garrison (1) and S. W. Thompson (1)


(1) Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center, Colorado School of Mines, USA.
(2) Stratcor Performance Materials, USA.


Iron and Steel, Vol. 40, Supplement, November 2005, pp.120-124 (Vanitec Publication - V1105-3)

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