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How can my company/organisation join Vanitec?

Joining Vanitec is very easy.  If you are a vanadium producer, then you can join Vanitec as a full member.  If you do not currently produce vanadium, and have an interest in the technology of vanadium, then you can join as an associate member.

Just contact us, and we'll get back to you to start the application process. 

What is the difference between full and associate members?

Full members are vanadium producers, and they have full membership rights.

Associate members are non-producers, and they have restricted membership rights.  Many different types of organisations can be associate members, such as those involved in VRFB supply chain, vanadium exploration, steel production, metals users/OEMs, metals research, consultancy etc.  Entities with a purely commercial focus, such as agents and traders will not be considered for associate membership.

How much does it cost to become a member of Vanitec?

Full members pay annual fees based on production capacity and type of organisation. Associate members pay a fixed annual fee which is currently $5,000 (if not intending to produce vanadium) and $10,000 (if intending to produce vanadium).

What are the rules of Vanitec membership?

The rules are detailed in Vanitec Limited Articles and Association, and Byelaws, which are available on request.

Can I speak to any of the current Vanitec members?

Yes.  If you would like to speak to any of our members we will help you establish contact and make introductions.  The best way to meet all our members is to attend one of our Vanitec meetings as a guest and we would be happy to arrange this.

What are the benefits of joining Vanitec?

By being a Vanitec member you will be contributing to the healthy development of the vanadium industry.  You will be part of the only global vanadium organisation, and have access to the main players in the industry at a senior level.  You can participate in Vanitec committees and learn about, and direct, our work on market development and HSE.  We regularly invite experts to speak at our meetings on subjects of interest to the members.   

How often do Vanitec members meet?

Vanitec members meetings are held every six months, normally in April (Spring meeting) and October (Autumn/Fall meeting).  Traditionally the Spring meeting is hosted by a member close to their location, and the Autmun/Fall meeting is held in London, UK.

Can I attend a Vanitec meeting as an observer before deciding to join?

Yes.  Vanitec is a very open and welcoming organisation, and we are always keen to meet new potential members as our guests at Vanitec meetings.  You will be made very welomce and have a great opportunity to meet other members and better understand the ongoing activites and direction of Vanitec.  Most members use this route to try before they buy.

What is the official language of Vanitec?

English is our official laguage.  Vanitec is an international organisation and we think it makes sense to simplify our communication by adopting a single language.  However, we recognise the importance of China as a single market for the production and consumption of vanadium, and therefore our website is also available in Chinese.  Our Chinese members appreciate this aspect, and also the Chinese technical language support provided by Dr Yu Li in the Vanitec office. 

Where can I purchase vanadium products?

Vanitec is a non-commercial operation, so we do not participate in the supply of vanadium products.  However, many Vanitec members are directly or indirectly involved in production and supply of vanadium products, and the easiest way to find and contact them is via the Member List/Locator Map.

I have an idea for a research project involving vanadium, will Vanitec consider funding my work?

We are always interested to hear your ideas for expanding our knowledge of vanadium technology through research and development.  We have a long history of supporting such projects, and we would encourage you to contact us to discuss your idea before developing a full proposal.  If we are interested  we will ask you to submit a proposal in a standard format.

What R&D subjects are most likely to attract financial support from Vanitec?

Historically most Vanitec sponsored research has been on vanadium in steel.  These projects have covered a very wide range of subjects, and you can see the results of many on this website.  Today we have more possible options for researching and using vanadium,  and we would not want to pre-judge what may be interesting or important for the future.

How much financial support can Vanitec provide?

This depends on the project and cannot be generalised.  We are more likely to be supportive of projects involving collaboration between several parties and especially including industrial partners.

What is the process for reviewing project proposals?

We review ongoing projects and new proposals every six months at an expert Panel meeting held in London in April and October each year.  Proposals must be received at least a month in advance of the next Panel meeting to be certain of being included.  Proposers are very welcome, but not required, to attend the Panel meeting and present their proposal in person. Following the Panel meeting all proposals will be discussed in the Vanitec members meeting, approximately two weeks after the Panel meeting and voted on.  After this meeting we will contact you to discuss the outcome.  There are three possible outcomes;

  1. Approved
  2. Approved subject to minor changes
  3. Rejected 

Do you have Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) data on vanadium products?

No.  But it's work in progress.  Please let us know your specific requirements to help guide our research in this important area.

Can I speak to an expert about vanadium technology?

Yes.  Please contact us directly and we'll see if we can answer your questions.  If we can't help, we can reach out to our network of experts for further assistance.