2023 Vanadium Flow Battery News

Federal Resources Minister opens AVL’s flow battery electrolyte plant in Western Australia
Energy Storage News, 17 January 2024

An official opening took place this morning for the new vanadium flow battery electrolyte factory in Western Australia, built by Australian Vanadium (AVL). The electrolyte is a key material in the making of vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs), which store the liquid in tanks separate to the cathode and anode stack of the battery. 

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Beyond Lithium: Vanadium Flow Batteries Paving the Way for Sustainability
https://tomraftery.com, 20 November 2023

In a recent episode of the Climate Confident podcast, Tom Raftery had an insightful discussion with Matt Harper from Invinity Energy Systems, focusing on the role of vanadium flow batteries in shaping our sustainable energy future.

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Going with the flow to run renewables round the clock
thewest.com.au, 27 October 2023

Vanadium could be the answer to using solar and wind round the clock. Vanadium flow battery could be the answer to using solar and wind round the clock and can be stacked up at utility scale and offer more flexibility in where they are built compared to pumped hydro energy storage.

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Invinity chief says vanadium presents ‘a real alternative’ to lithium batteries
www.proactiveinvestors.com, 16 October 2023
In a recent interview, chief executive of Invinity Energy Systems PLC (AIM:IES, OTCQX:IESVF) Larry Zulch unveiled two significant developments in the realm of vanadium flow batteries. These cutting-edge batteries are gaining traction due to their enhanced safety features and long-lasting performance. The company's sale of six vanadium flow batteries to Taiwan's National Applied Research Laboratories, totalling 1.1 MWh of capacity, has opened doors to a promising future.
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Aussie vanadium battery manufacture bound for Vietnam
www.aumanufacturing.com.au, 10 October 2023
Australian vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) developer Thorion Energy has selected Vietnam as the manufacturing site for its batteries. The company and Viettel Manufacturing Corporation inked a co-operation agreement (main picture) to manufacture its vanadium batteries in Vietnam for local market as well as for exporting to the global markets.
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1.1 MWh Sale for Taiwanese National Technology Laboratory
Invinity, 3 October 2023
Invinity Energy Systems is pleased to announce a 1.1 MWh sale to Taiwan’s National Applied Research Laboratories (“NARLabs”). The project will see five Invinity VS3 vanadium flow batteries (“VFBs”) with a combined capacity of 1.1 MWh installed inside a building at the NARLabs laboratory in Taipei. The VFBs will be used to offset electricity use at the facility during peak times and provide back-up in the event of a power outage.
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Largest vanadium flow battery in Southern Hemisphere ready to go live at Port Pirie
reneweconomy.com.au, 22 June 2023
A solar farm and vanadium flow battery developed by Yadlamalka Energy in South Australia has reached an exciting milestone in its bid to produce 10GWh of dispatchable solar power a year. The Arena-backed Spencer Energy project completed civil works and began the “commencement of commissioning” process to finalise the finishing touches with the energy grid before going live in early August.
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Sumitomo Electric Receives the First Order for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System in Australia
sumitomoelectric.com, 22 June 2023
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has received an order from Vecco Group Pty Ltd. (Vecco), an integrated mining business in Australia, for a vanadium redox flow battery system (capacity: 250 kW / 750kWh). This order marks the first Sumitomo Electric vanadium redox flow battery system installation in Australia.
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Townsville vanadium battery electrolyte facility opens
www.aumanufacturing.com.au, 23 June 2023
Miner and manufacturer Vecco Group has officially opened its Townsville facilty to manufacture electrolyte for vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs). 
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Australia’s first commercial vanadium-flow battery storage completed in South Australia
www.abc.net.au, 23 June 2023
Yadlamalka Energy has been undertaking the Spencer Energy Project at Bungama, outside of Port Pirie, where the 2-megawatt/8MW-hour battery is connected to a grid of solar panels. The battery will store around 10 gigawatts of dispatchable solar power each year and charge from excess electricity produced by the solar panels when the sun is at its peak.
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Vanadium flow battery hopeful edges closer to Australian manufacture
reneweconomy.com.au, 26 June 2023
Western Australia based long duration energy storage hopeful Avess is a step closer to demonstrating a “Perth-built” vanadium flow redox flow battery system, following delivery of core components of the technology from South Korea.
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DOE recognizes long duration energy storage as a critical technology
pv-magazine-usa.com, 27 June 2023
Long-duration energy storage (LDES) is crucial to facilitating the transition to clean energy. With about $9 billion in government funding needed to commercialize the LDES market, the U.S. government officially recognized the commercial viability of the non-lithium ion battery asset class.
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Flow battery technology milestones from PNNL and Sumitomo Electric
www.energy-storage.news, 13 July 2023
A seven-year observation of a vanadium flow battery in California from Sumitomo Electric has been completed, while US lab PNNL has found an alternative, food-based electrolyte which it said boosted capacity and longevity.
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VoltStorage unveils vanadium redox flow battery for commercial use
www.pv-magazine.com, 12 July 2023
Germany battery manufacturer VoltStorage has unveiled a 50 kWh vanadium redox flow battery that is designed to optimize self-consumption in commercial and industrial PV systems
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Horizon focusing on vanadium flow batteries for energy storage
www.pv-magazine.com, 28 July 2023
Horizon Power, a utility owned by the Western Australia government, has signed an agreement with Perth-based energy storage company VSUN Energy for the purchase of a vanadium flow battery (VFB). It will be installed at Kununurra as part of a long-duration energy storage pilot program.
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Invinity sells battery system for Western Australia microgrid
www.sharecast.com, 28 July 2023
Energy storage technology specialist Invinity announced the sale of a 0.2 MWh Invinity VS3 flow battery system to VSUN Energy - a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Vanadium - on Friday. The AIM-traded firm said the energy storage system would be used by Australian power provider Horizon Power in a significant microgrid project.
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German flow battery firm VoltStorage gets €30 million EU-guaranteed EIB venture loan
www.energy-storage.news, 1 August 2023
The EIB has granted the loan to VoltStorage for the Munich-based company to invest in R&D as well as set up a production factory. VoltStorage will use it to commercialise its existing vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technology and scale up its new iron-salt battery technology, or ISB.
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VanadiumCorp says construction of first vanadium electrolyte manufacturing facility ‘on track’
www.proactiveinvestors.com, 8 August 2023
VanadiumCorp Resource Inc (TSX-V:VRB) told investors that the construction of its first facility for the manufacturing of vanadium electrolytes is on track, with production set to kick off in the first quarter of 2024.
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Stryten Energy and Snapping Shoals EMC install Georgia’s first vanadium redox flow battery system
www.energyglobal.com, 8 August 2023
Stryten Energy LLC, a US-based energy storage solutions provider, has installed its advanced vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) at Snapping Shoals EMC, a utility provider for some of the fastest-growing areas in the nation.
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Construction of vanadium electrolyte facility underway
www.manmonthly.com.au, 16 august 2023
AVL was awarded a $3.69 million Federal Government grant in 2021,2 with part of the funding allocated to building and operating a commercial vanadium electrolyte manufacturing facility in Western Australia, to support the commercialisation of VFBs.
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Invinity Energy Systems vanadium flow batteries could be game-changing for renewable energy
www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk, 30 August 2023
CEO Larry Zulch joined Steve Darling from Proactive and the OTCQX to discuss key developments about the company. Invinity Energy Systems specializes in manufacturing vanadium flow batteries designed to address large-scale energy storage needs for businesses, industries, and electrical networks. Zulch shed light on the company's technology and its potential to transform the renewable power landscape.
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VRB Energy Achieves Milestone Global certification For Its Third Generation Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
www.juniorminingnetwork.com, 31 August 2023
Sparton Resources (TSX-V: SRI) (“the Company”) is pleased to report today that Ivanhoe Electric (NYSE American IE, TSX IE) announced, on August 30, 2023, that its 90% owned subsidiary, VRB Energy Inc., has received Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”) 1973 certification for its third generation Energy Storage System (“Gen3 VRB-ESS®).
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Invinity Energy Systems to Deploy Vanadium Battery Prototype in Canada in 2024
www.marketwatch.com, 9 June 2023
Invinity Energy Systems said Friday it will deploy the first prototype of its vanadium flow battery prototype 'Mistral' at a site near its engineering and operations centre in Vancouver, Canada early next year. The London-listed battery manufacturer said this will be funded in part by a 500,000 Canadian dollar ($374,265) award from the British Columbia Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy.
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China battery makers to enjoy boom in upcoming years thanks to energy-storage demand, says DIGITIMES Research
www.digitimes.com, 5 June 2023
With net zero becoming a global trend, the energy-storage battery industry is expected to enjoy exponential growth in demand in the next several years with global energy-storage battery sales in 2022 already enjoying an on-year surge of 177%, according to DIGITIMES Research's new study of China's battery industry. At the moment, most energy-storage battery suppliers are from China.
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Battery metals company signs MOU with Japanese developer
stockhouse.com, 31 May 2023
Battery metals miner Phenom Resources has signed an MOU with MK Plus, a private Japanese battery company. The Japanese company is advancing its vanadium solid-state battery business worldwide. Phenom would provide 20 per cent of future Carlin Vanadium Project production concentrates to MK Plus at fair market value.
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Australian Vanadium executes $49 million Federal grant to support domestic vanadium battery industry
www.proactiveinvestors.com.au, 30 May 2023
Australian Vanadium Ltd (ASX:AVL) has today executed a collaboration grant agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia to the tune of $49 million which will support efforts to create an Australian vanadium battery industry.
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News Invinity Energy secures 0.88 MWh battery sale to Detroit workers union
www.morningstar.co.uk, 25 May 2023
Invinity Energy Systems PLC on Thursday celebrated a battery sale to the Detroit branch of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, for use in a solar storage project. The project will see four Invinity VS3 vanadium flow batteries, with cumulative power of 0.88 megawatt-hours, installed at the International Brotherhood Local 58 headquarters in Michigan, alongside a 235 kilowatt-peak solar array.
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Vanadium electrolyte: the ‘fuel’ for long-duration energy storage
Energy Storage News - 22 May 2023
Samantha McGahan of Australian Vanadium writes about the liquid electrolyte which is the single most important material for making vanadium flow batteries, a leading contender for providing several hours of storage, cost-effectively.
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Vanadium: the new kid on the East London renewables block
DispatchLive - 12 April 2023
A new tenant in East London's IDZ has a role to play in the wave of renewable energy that is engulfing the world. The Bushveld Electrolyte Company, or Belco, forms a crucial link in the manufacture of long-life batteries, so that energy from renewable sources like sun and wind can be stored.
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Invinity moves to 30-50MWh deployment sizes with UK project, targets 100MWh+ by 2025
Energy Storage News - 12 April 2023
Invinity Energy Systems will deploy a partially grant-funded 7MW/30MWh vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) system in the UK as the company scales up its project sizes. The company has been awarded £11 million (US$13.6 million) by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) to deploy the 4.3-hour project at a node on the transmission network, run by National Grid. 
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Startup Elcora wants vanadium pentoxide plant near mine in Morocco to feed flow batteries
Energy Storage News - 6 April 2023
Elcora, a Canadian startup aiming to provide materials for the global battery value chain, is developing a vanadium pentoxide plant in Morocco to complement raw materials extraction in the country. Meanwhile, Indian vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) manufacturer Delectrik has signed a vanadium supply agreement with Technology Metals Australia.
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Indian vanadium battery manufacturer inks agreement with Technology Metals Australia
Australian Manufacturing Week - 3 April 2023
Advanced vanadium developer Technology Metals Australia Limited announced that together with its wholly owned subsidiary, vLYTE Pty Ltd (vLYTE), it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Delectrik Systems to develop the Murchison Technology Metals Project (MTMP) in Western Australia.
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Australia needs major energy storage investment to face ‘wicked challenge’ of net zero, CSIRO says
Energy Storage News - 29 March 2023
A new roadmap published today by government agency Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) highlighted that a 10-14x increase in energy storage capacity will be needed in the National Electricity Market (NEM) in the years 2025 and 2030. Australia is targeting net zero emissions by 2050.
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Australian Vanadium secures site for flow battery electrolyte plant in Western Australia
Energy Storage News - 16 March 2023
The company made an announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) yesterday regarding its manufacturing facility, which will have a 33MWh annual production capacity. Its selected site is in Wangara, a suburb in northern Perth.
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Invinity sells further UK battery, plans Hungarian expansion
New Power - 11 March 2023
Invinity Energy Systems has received an order from Dawsongroup for another 0.22MWh VS3 flow battery. The two companies announced a partnership on 16 January to jointly develop and market a full package battery plus renewables solution that is designed to be available on a capex-free basis to UK commercial customers.
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Technology Metals Australia generates battery-grade vanadium electrolyte using Murchison feedstock
www.proactiveinvestors.com.au - 14 February 2023
Technology Metals Australia Ltd (ASX:TMT) has generated battery-grade vanadium electrolyte alongside Japanese technology partner LE System Co, Ltd. The vanadium developer used feedstock from its cornerstone Murchison Technology Metals Project (MTMP) in WA’s Mid-West, confirming the viability of its ‘ore to electrolyte’ processing pathway.
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U.S. energy storage market set for take off
PV Magazine - 13 February 2023
The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is set to ignite the energy storage market in 2024, as analysts expect up to 65 GW/260 GWh of projects through 2026. The outlook is for battery project sizes to increase as the pipeline takes shape
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Sumitomo Electric to expand US flow battery business
Energy Storage News - 13 February 2023
Sumitomo Electric will step up its vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) business in the US, with plans to invest in local production and installation capabilities. The Japanese company said last week that it will invest an initial US$7.6 million into US production and installation facilities, based on the expectation of rising demand for the energy storage technology.
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Utility EDP to deploy vanadium flow battery for hybrid storage project at retiring thermal plant in Spain
Energy Storage News - 8 February 2023
Portugal-based utility EDP has received clearance to deploy a 1MWh vanadium flow battery system as part of a hybrid energy storage project at the site of a retiring thermal plant in Asturias, Spain. The system, called REDOX2025, will have a power output of 0.25MW and an energy storage capacity of 1.05MWh meaning a duration of 4.2 hours.
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Vanadium’s role in a just transition
PV Magazine - 7 February 2023
Vanadium flow batteries (VFBs) are already established as a leading alternative to lithium-ion devices for stationary energy storage projects. A type of long duration energy storage (LDES) capable of providing from two to more than 10 hours of energy on demand, VFBs are gaining significant attention for their unparalleled ability to store and deliver power on an industrial scale. VFBs do this using vanadium, a metal produced around the world and used primarily to harden steel.
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Singapore firm VFlowTech raises US$10 million for 200MWh vanadium flow battery factory
Energy Storage News - 7 February 2023
Singapore-based VFlowTech has raised a US$10 million Series A to set up a manufacturing facility and scale up production of its 250kWh vanadium flow battery product. VFlowTech will use the funds to set up a new manufacturing facility for building its vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) solution, PowerCubes, with an annual production capacity of 200MWh.
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Overcoming thermal issues of vanadium redox flow batteries
PV Magazine - 3 February 2023
Chinese scientists have analyzed reports of thermal issues with vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB) and existing thermal management methods. They say the operating temperature should be maintained in the range of 10 C to 40 C to ensure VRFBs with high efficiency, weak side reactions, high electrolyte stability, and low crossover.
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Vanadium redox flow batteries can provide cheap, large-scale grid energy storage. Here’s how they work
www.abc.net.au/news/ - 3 February 2023
This remarkable property of VRFB has seen them being described as the next big technology for large-scale storage. Dozens of companies around the world are now manufacturing and installing megawatt-scale VRFB. To understand why VRFB have been getting this attention, we need to quickly brush up on how batteries work.
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First vanadium redox flow battery installed in Norway
Energy Storage News - 25 January 2023
The first vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) installation in Norway, a 5kW/25kWh system, was unveiled this week. Local firm Bryte Batteries installed the 5kW/25kWh system at the Sluppen commercial district, in Trondheim, owned by property development company R. Kjeldsberg, the customer of the project. VRFB firm Pinflow provided the battery itself while Bryte will optimise it with its energy management system (EMS) platform. 
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Vanadium flow battery sector gets boost with UK rental deal, new plant in Germany and environmental impact whitepaper
Energy Storage News - 17 January 2023
The vanadium flow battery sector received a boost this week with news of a rental partnership between Invinity and Dawsongroup plc, a new electrolyte plant in Germany and a whitepaper around the technology’s environmental impact. Vanadium flow batteries’ lower degradation than lithium-ion make it a good candidate to compete with lithium-ion for medium duration use cases (4-8 hours), and a potential solution for future long-duration energy storage (8-24 hours or more) needs.
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India’s Delectrik Systems starts commercial production of containerized redox flow battery systems
PV Magazine - 17 January 2023
Gurugram-headquartered Delectrik Systems Pvt Ltd has started commercial production of the RFB200 series containerized redox flow battery system. The battery system is based on vanadium redox chemistry and is built for outdoor use with integrated power electronics and controls solution.
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STUDY: Vanadium redox flow batteries beat lithium-ion on carbon footprint
www.miningreview.com - 13 January 2023
A life-cycle assessment (LCA) study executed by the independent consulters Denkstatt, Vienna, for Enerox / CellCube, reveals that Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries excel with a highly favorable environmental footprint for large-scale energy storage solutions compared to lithium-ion battery technology. 
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Flow battery maker behind ‘US’ biggest project’ closes Series B funding round
Energy Storage News - 12 January 2023
An US$18 million Series B funding round has been closed by H2 Inc, a South Korea-headquartered manufacturer of redox flow battery energy storage systems. The company secured the funds before the end of 2022, it said last week. It noted that of US$44 million raised since launching its first vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) product line in 2013, US$32 million of that funding has come in the past two years.
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Stryten Energy Partners with Snapping Shoals EMC to Demonstrate VRFB Applications
www.globenewswire.com - 10 January 2023
Stryten Energy LLC, a U.S.-based energy storage solutions provider, is partnering with Snapping Shoals EMC to demonstrate its advanced vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technology for energy storage and deployment uses and evaluate where the technology will provide the maximum benefits.
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AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. Announces Approval for Vanadium Electrolyte Plant at AMG Titanium
www.globenewswire.com - 9 January 2023
AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. announces the Management Board has approved to build a Vanadium Electrolyte plant at its subsidiary, AMG Titanium, in Nuremberg, Germany. The target capacity is 6,000 m³ vanadium electrolyte. Basic engineering for the plant was completed in November, with production expected to start at the end of 2023.
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