Any Carbon Level

“Success is never accidental”

Jack Doresy, co-founder of Twitter

Predictable and consistent vanadium strengthening, regardless of the carbon content, helps you minimise risk and maximise success - by design, not by accident.

There are other microalloying elements, but none are as effective as vanadium at strengthening steels with such a wide range of carbon contents.

This incredible capability opens great opportunities for you to create high strength steels for many different applications.

And, all benefit from ease of use due to the high solubility of vanadium in austenite even at very high carbon levels.

High strength low carbon weldable plates, high strength seismic resistant rebar, medium carbon high strength forging steels and high strength pearlitic rail steels – are all routinely produced with vanadium additions.  And there are many other applications already benefitting from this remarkable flexibility of use.

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