Life cycle assessment of lithium-ion batteries and vanadium redox flow batteries-based renewable energy storage systems

Lígiada Silva Lima (1), Mattijs Quartier (1), Astrid Buchmayr (1), David Sanjuan-Delmás (1,2), Hannes Laget (3), Dominique Corbisier (3), Jan…

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Punching above its weight: life cycle energy accounting and environmental assessment of vanadium microalloying in…

Pranav Pradeep Kumar (1,2),  David A. Santos (3,4),  Erick J. Braham (3,4),  Diane G. Sellers…

Cost, performance prediction and optimization of a vanadium flow battery by machine-learning

Tianyu Li, Feng Xing, Tao Liu, Jiawei Sun, Dingqin Shi, Huamin Zhang and Xianfeng Li 

Vanadium sustainability in the context of innovative recycling and sourcing development

M. Petranikova (1), A. H. Tkaczyk (2) A. Bartl (3) A. Amato (4) V.Lapkovskis (5) C.Tunsu (1)

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