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7-8 October 2020
99th Vanitec Meeting Vanitec Members
29 June 2020 
Zoom Meeting
7th Vanitec ESC Meeting Vanitec ESC +

Date & Place Steel Related Events
31 Aug.-3 Sep. 2020
Ohio, USA
The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition (AISTech2020)
4-8 October 2020
Pittsburgh, USA
Materials Science and Technology (MS&T2020)
21-23 October 2020
The 10th European Conference on Continuous Casting (ECCC 2020)
8-12 November 2020
The 12th International Conference on Zinc and Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheet (Galvatech 2020)
1-3 December 2020
Xiamen, CHINA
8th International Conference on High Strength Low Alloy Steels (HSLA 2021)
17-19 December 2020
New Delhi, INDIA
13th International Minerals, Metals, Metallurgy and Materials Exhibition & Conference (MMMM 2020)
Hyderabad, INDIA
Indian Structural Steel Conference
Vail, Colorado, USA
International Conference on Advances in Metallurgy of Long and Forged Products
10-14 January 2021
Milan, ITALY
6th Steels in Cars and Trucks (SCT) 2021
9-14 May 2021
Milan, ITALY
5-7 July 2021
Shenyang, CHINA
6th International Conference on ThermoMechanical Processing (TMP2021)
1-3 September 2021
Sheffield, UK
Euro Steel 2021

Date & Place Energy Storage Related Events
23-25 June 2020
Colombia, USA
Energy Storage Latin America
18-19 November 2020
San Francisco, USA
Energy Storage Innovations USA 2020
Beijing, CHINA
The 9th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo
Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition 2020
Tokyo, JAPAN
Energy Storage Summit Japan 2020
12-14 January 2021
California, USA
Energy Storage North America 2021
January 2021
Düsseldorf, GERMANY
International Flow Battery Forum
An interactive web based IFBF® showcase will be held on 30th June 2020 to present and discuss the most important issues.
8-9 June 2021
ees Europe 2021

Date & Place Trade Events
11-12 June 2020
Chengdu, CHINA
2020 FerroAlloyNet 10th China Vanadium Industry (International) Forum
30 June 2020
Asian Ferroalloys Conference 2020
20-21 August 2020
London, UK
International Conference on Ferroalloys
25-27 October 2020
Scottsdale, USA
CRU Ryan's Notes Ferroalloys USA 2020
Xi'an, CHINA
China's 5th International Vanadium Forum