Analysis on Vanadium’s Impact on Metallographic Transitions of HSLA Steel


HSLA vanadium steel is a kind of steel with rapid development due to its comprehensive good properties. P510L is taken as an example in this paper to discuss the impact on metallographic transitions in over-cooled austenite of vanadium steel under different cooling speeds. The lower temperature of austenite receives higher austenite changing temperature and bigger ferrite phase area while higher temperature for austenite receives lower changing temperature and smaller ferrite area. Through SEM experiment, the existence of vanadium precipitation and precipitation strengthening as well has been proved. 


Liu Yong (1),Zhang Zhongping (1),She Guangfu (1),Zhou Liquan (2),Yu Wanhua (2),Han Jingtao (2)


(1) Hot-strip mill of PZH New Vanadium & Steel Company Ltd

(2) Material & Engineering College of Beijing University of Science and Technology


Application Technologies of Vanadium in Flat-rolled Steels –Vanitec Symposium, Suzhou, China, Oct. 2005, pp. 105-109

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