Development and Production of HSLA 80ksi (550MPa) Steels at Gallatin Steel


In this paper, the development and production of 80 ksi (550MPa) V-N-Mo microalloyed steels at Gallatin Steel is discussed, along with the influence of Thermo-Mechanical Controlled Process (TMCP) parameters on the mechanical properties. Recrystallization Controlled Rolling (RCR) is used to hot roll 55 mm and 65 mm thin slabs at elevated temperatures, i.e., above the recrystallization stop temperature and then followed by accelerated controlled cooling (ACC) at cooling rates ranging from 10℃/s~45℃/s. With the use of RCR-ACC technique, the yield strengths have consistently achieved in excess of 80 ksi (550MPa), while maintaining good elongation.


thin slab; recrystallization; controlled rolling; accelerated cooling; vanadium; nitrogen; molybdenum.


L. K. Chiang


Gallatin Steel Company4831 U.S. Highway 42 West, Ghent, Kentucky 41045-9704 USA


Application Technologies of Vanadium in Flat-rolled Steels –Vanitec Symposium, Suzhou, China, Oct. 2005, pp.1-12

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