Influence of Vanadium and Tungsten on the Bainite Start Temperature


This paper tries to display the influence of the alloying elements, Vanadium and Tungsten, on the bainite transformation start temperature (Bs). The purpose of this work was to establish data of interaction parameters to be part of newly created computer software called Bs-program which will be used to calculate the banite start tempera ture in steel alloys. This will be achieved by extensive literature studies and analysis of the data gathered. The data will then be used to calculate the transformation barrier (B) for bainite transformation and try to differentiate the influence of Vanadium and Tungsten on this Barrier. These calculations gave quite clear results for the Vanadium steels and interaction parameters could be isolated. As for the Tungsten steels it proved hard to find the Tungsten influence as Vanadium was present in the majority of those steels.


Bainite start temperature, Transformation Barrier, Influence, Vanadium, Tungsten 


A. Malmberg


Institution of Material Science and Engineering, KTH

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