Study on High Tensile Heavy Plate with V-N Microalloying Technology


The contrast experiment of rolling heavy plate in Shougang is carried out between V-N microalloyed and V microalloyed steel. It is confirmed that not only the strengthening effect of V element is improved, but also the ferrite grain size becomes smaller with the increase of nitrogen content in the V-contained steel. The results have demonstrated that it has no disadvange to the performances of the steel. The heavy plates, 60 mm and 70 mm thickness, are manufactured with V−N microalloying combined with controlled rolling replacing the heat treatment processes. The performances of plate meet the requirements of Q390E steel.


V-N; microalloying; heavy plate; controlled rolling.


X. Yang,Y. Jin,Q. Wang and G. Zhang


Shougang Research Institute of Technology


Application Technologies of Vanadium in Flat-rolled Steels –Vanitec Symposium, Suzhou, China, Oct. 2005, pp.64-68

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