The Microstructure and Properties of Vanadium-Bearing DP980 Steels Processed with Continuous Galvanizing Line Simulations


Study is being conducted of additions of the microalloying elements Nb, V and V-N to a low carbon, high strength (980 grade) Dual-Phase steel that was processed using a CGL simulation. In this study, compositions with a common base but containing various additions of V or Nb with or without high N were designed and subjected to Gleeble simulations of different galvanizing (GI), galvannealing(GA) and super cooling processing. These experiments were supplemented with additional heat treatments performed using a quartz filament furnace. The results revealed that the phase balance (martensite-bainite-ferrite) was strongly influenced by the different microalloying additions, while the strengths of each phase were somewhat less affected. UTS levels of 1100MPa, along with good levels of ductility and work hardening, were measured in steels containing less than 0.1%C and 1.75%Mn. The results of this program will be presented and discussed.


Microalloyed dual-phase steels, High strength, Ductility, Work hardening, n-values, Yield/Tensile ration, Intercritical annealing, Galvanizing, Galvannealing, CG Lines, Simulations


Yu Gong, Xiaojun Liang, Mingjian Hua, A. J. DeArdo


Basic Metals Processing Research Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, 15261, USA


Proceeding of the 2nd International Symposium on Automobile Steel (ISAS2013), 21-24 May 2013, Anshan, China, pp. 122-125

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