The Physical Metallurgy of Vanadium Steels


 Vanadium is a very strong ferrite stabilizer with high solubility in pure iron. However, it has a great affinity for carbon and nitrogen so that vanadium steels are largely controlled by solubility relationships. Vanadium in solution in austenite has a direct effect on both hardenability and recrystallization during hot working. The amount of vanadium in solution at elevated temperatures controls the extent of precipitation during cooling to give ferrite-pearlite structures or during the tempering of martensite and bainite. Because the solubilities of vanadium carbide and vanadium nitride are very different, the relative amounts of carbon and nitrogen in vanadium steels are important. So is the presence of other elements which may compete for nitrogen, such as aluminum.


chemical properties of vanadium, solubility of vanadium in austenite and ferrite, solubility of vanadium carbides and nitrides, precipitation of vanadium carbides and nitrides, hardenability, vanadium HSLA steel, precipitation strengthening.


J. H. Woodhead


University of Sheffield, England


Vanadium in High Strength Steel, Proceedings of VANITEC Seminar, Chicago, November, 1979, pp.3-10 (Vanitec Publication - V0284)

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