The Use of Hot Forged Microalloyed Steels in Automobile Components


 Microalloyed steels are receiving much attention as a means of energy conservation. This paper discusses the observed effects of forging conditions and post10rging cooling rates on the mechanical properties in tests using vanadium bearing medium-carbon steel used for engine components. The results of attempts to develop a low carbon, high-manganese high toughness type of micro alloyed steel in which ferrite-pearlite-bainite structure was achieved through optimum cooling rates is described.


hot forged micro alloyed steel, medium carbon (0.4 - 0.5%C) steels, vanadium, addition, tensile and yield strength, automobile components.


H Hara and M Kobayashi


Materials Engineering Division, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation


The Institute of Metals, 1987, pp. 5-15 (Vanitec Publicatioin - V0187)