Vanadium Redox Flow Battery VRFB

The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery uses vanadium electrolyte to store energy and enable wider use of renewable power generation such as wind and solar. 

Vanadium in Energy Storage

Who is Vanitec?

Vanitec is the only not-for-profit international global member organisation whose objective is to promote the use of vanadium bearing materials. Its member include all the world’s major vanadium producers.

Vanitec members benefit by the organisation representing the interests of its members in technical and HSE related issues. It offers a forum for collaboration to understand and promote the uses of vanadium at a global level.

The Energy Storage Committee of Vanitec (ESC) will report to the Vanitec Market Development Committee (MDC) and will oversee developments in the energy industry market for vanadium.  Its focus will be on identifying the future global vanadium supply and demand, the quality required and OH&S guidelines surrounding electrolyte production and distribution. The Committee will be composed of interested members with a vision to assist the global advancement of the technologies using vanadium products. These may come from all the component parts, including producers, chemical processors, researchers and battery technology companies.

Strategic Objectives of the Energy Storage Committee

Vanadium’s role in the growing energy storage is expected to increase dramatically over the coming years.  Large scale deployments of vanadium redox flow batteries are underway across the globe, with many others being planned or under construction.  Ensuring a strong supply of quality vanadium products will be key to the uptake of energy storage for large amounts of power over a long time duration.  This will supplement the traditional markets for vanadium as the requirements for high quality steel continue to increase.

The ESC will seek to create and foster an understanding of the common issues facing participants in vanadium energy storage industry. These include;

  • Developing and sharing a thorough understanding of HSE related issues and potential issues, drawing from existing expertise in the Vanitec HSE.
  • Understanding the demand profile for Vanadium products as defined by the growth expectations of energy storage generally
  • Sharing, and where possible assisting through research, with chemical and technical information that will ensure survival and Vanadium based technologies in energy storage against competing technologies.
  • Developing an understanding of minimum standards for Vanadium products used in energy storage technologies.

Membership of the ESC

New members of Vanitec interested in the ESC must be willing to share some information about their activities. This includes usage, demand and quality information. This will ensure the best information is available for Vanitec and the ESC to achieve its strategic objectives. There is no expectation to share proprietary information.

Members will receive access to other members, and ongoing information about Vanadium activity at a global scale. Similar information is often sold by subscriber organisations for more than the cost of membership. In addition, the development of a strong vanadium network, will support the development of a vanadium industry that has the capability of meeting their requirements in the future.

ESC Inaugural Meeting October 2015

Interested parties will be offered a complimentary invitation to attend the inaugural Vanitec Energy Storage Committee (ESC) meeting which will be held during the 91st Vanitec Meeting near London’s Heathrow Airport on 11 October, 2016.

Participants are requested to request an invitation  from [email protected].

The following companies and experts are currently planning to attend:

Jens Noack                            Fraunhofer ITC
Richard Flynn                         RedT Energy
Joe Sullivan                             Erigo Technologies
Brad Ewers                             Evraz Stratcor
David Miltenberger                  Evraz Stratcor
John McCarthy                       C-Tech Innovation
Stefan Schauss                      Gildemeister
Markus Schatz                       Riverside Specialty Chemicals
Gunter Auer                            Promisa Technologie
Jacqueline Edge                     ESRN
Lars Mollenhoff                       Gildemeister
Enrique Serrano                      PVH Energy Storage

Recent News

Australian Vanadium Ltd's Vincent Algar to Chair Energy Storage Committee

Source: Proactive Investors, 11 July, 2016

Australian Vanadium Ltd's (ASX:AVL) managing director, Vincent Algar, has been appointed chair of Vanitec's newly created Energy Storage Committee. (Read More)

Sparton Banks on Vanadium

Source: The Northern Miner, posted by Trish Saywell, 22 June, 2016

Earlier this year, VanSpar commissioned an 8-megawatt-hour vanadium flow battery used by the North China State Grid Co. at the Chinese utility’s Zhangbei project, 180 km north of Beijing. Zhangbei is the world’s largest renewable energy project, Barker says, and integrates wind and solar power, energy storage and smart grid transmission technologies. (Read More)