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Study on Chemistry and Process Optimization of V-microalloyed N80 Seamless Tube

Tao Pan (1), Caifu Yang (1), Yongquan Zhang (1), Weibin Zong (2) and Chuanyou Zhang…

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Effects of Molybdenum and Vanadium Addition on Tensile and Charpy Impact Properties of API X70 Linepipe Steels

Young Min Kim (1),Sang Yong Shin (2), Hakcheol Lee (2), Byoungchul Hwang (1), Sunghak Lee…

Production and Characterization of Nano-size (V,W)C Power by Mechanical Alloying

A.S. Bolokang (1,4), D.G. Billing (2,4), C. Banganayi (1,4), S. Luyckx (3,4)

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C 和N 含量对V-N-Ti 微合金非调质钢组织的影响

王安东 (1,3) 刘国权 (1,4) 杨才福 (2) 向嵩 (2) 韩庆礼

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