Metallurgical Benefits of Vanadium Microalloying in Producing High Strength Seismic Grade Rebar


It is essential to select appropriate materials for reinforcing bars (rebars) in order to assure adequate seismic performance, and there are several international standards defining specifications. The critical properties of seismic resistant rebars have been identified and the pros and cons of the popular manufacturing processes, quenching and self tempering (QST) and microalloying (MA), have been reviewed.It has been shown that vanadium microalloying provides the best combination of properties, fulfilling all of the essential performance criteria, as well as minimising problems during important fabrication operations and offering ease of use benefits for the steelmaker during casting and rolling.


vanadium, seismic, rebar.


David Milbourn,Li Yu


Vanitec Limited


International Seminar on Production and Application of High Strength Seismic Grade Rebar Containing Vanadium, Beijing, China, June 2010, pp. 32-43

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