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Vanadium in Cold Rolled HSLA Sheet Steel

D. K. Matlock (1), R. J. Glodowski (2), J. G. Speer (1), J. A. Garrison…

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Analysis on Vanadium’s Impact on Metallographic Transitions of HSLA Steel

Liu Yong (1),Zhang Zhongping (1),She Guangfu (1),Zhou Liquan (2),Yu Wanhua (2),Han Jingtao (2)

Thermodynamic Calculations of Carbonitrides in V-Ti-N Microalloyed Steels for Non-Quenched and Tempered Oil Well Tubes

WANG An-dong (l,3), LID Guo-quan (1), LID Sheng-xinl, YANG Cai-fu (2), LI Chang-rong (1), XIANG Song…

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