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The Role of Vanadium in Microalloyed Steels

Rune Lagneborg, Bevis Hutchinson, Tadeusz Siwecki, Stanislaw Zajac 

High and Low Cycle Fatigue Performance Comparison Between Micro-Alloyed and TMT Rebar

Surajit Kumar Paul (1), Pritam Kumar Rana (2), Debdulal Das (2), Sanjay Chandra (1), Saurabh…

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New Vanadium-Microalloyed Bainitic 700 MPa Strip Steel Product

B. Hutchinson (1), T. Siweck (1), J. Komenda (1), J. Hagström (1), R. Lagneborg (1),…

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Microalloyed Steels for High-Strength Forgings

Mingjian Hua (1), Xiaojun Liang (1), Anthony J. DeArdo (1,2)

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Effect of Vanadium Addition on the Creep Resistance of 18Cr9Ni3CuNbN Austenitic Stainless Heat Resistant Steel

Dae-Bum Park (1,2), Moo-Young Huh (1), Woo-Sang Jung (2), Jin-Yoo Suh (2), Jae-Hyeok Shim (2),…

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