Development of Micro-alloyed Axle Steel Used on Heavy-haul Train


Improving the material of axles is not only used to enhance the reliability of the use of heavy haul railway wagon axle, but also an effective method to raise railway transportation capacity. The relationship of the interaction of the different ingredients micro-alloyed elements of vanadium on the microstructure and properties of the carbon axle steel were investigated in this study. The method of improving strength and toughness of the axle steel was achieved. The shape and position of the V-C and V-N were observed, and the relationship between the precipitates and dislocation were also studied through SEM and TEM. Finally, the micro-alloyed axle steel was tried to produce, and the related performance was tested. The innovation of the study was vanadium micro-alloyed based on medium-carbon axle steel and the fine composite performance with strength in well coordination with toughness which meeting the heavy axle load freight car's demands.


 Vanadium Micro-alloyed, Axle Steel, Strength and Toughness, Precipitates.


Wu Yi, Liu xingui, Xiang bin


 China Academy of Railway Sciences Metals& Chemistry Institute, No.2 Da liu shu Rd. Beijing, China, 100081


Vanadium Microalloyed Steels: A Symposium in Memory of Michael Korchynsky, MS&T14, 12-16 October 2014, Pittburgh, PA, USA.