Vanitec’s Hosts Successful Technical Seminar In Beijing On Implementation Of China’s New Rebar Standard

Vanitec and the CISRI Vanadium Technology Centre concluded a very successful technical seminar on the production process and application of Vanadium microalloyed high strength reinforcing bars (‘rebars’). The seminar was held in Beijing on 22 May 2018 and brought together over 140 representatives from Chinese rebar producers, government departments, universities and research institutes to promote the implementation of the Chinese government’s newly revised rebar standard.

Excellent progress has been made in recent years in the upgrading of steel rebars in China, largely as a result of significant efforts by the Chinese government and supporting organizations. At present, the proportion of high strength steel rebars in China with a yield strength of 400MPa or higher has exceeded 85%, reaching the target set by the government for steel rebar upgrades. The Chinese government released its most recent update of the national standard specifying the quality of hot-rolled rebars in February 2018. Implementation will commence from 1 November 2018, with several months of preparatory work required.

“The technical seminar in Beijing this week was well attended and vibrant, and saw presentations and discussions on the technical requirements of the new rebar standard, the optimization of production technology, and the advantages in application performance of vanadium microalloyed rebars,” said John Hilbert, CEO of Vanitec. “Vanadium is the most common addition for high strength rebar because it offers the best combination of high strength, good ductility, bendability, weldability, and reduced sensitivity to strain aging. Vanadium also permits the use of economical hot-rolling practices due to the high solubility of vanadium carbonitrides in austenite which minimizes the risk of cracking during casting.”

Vanitec sponsored efforts to encourage the revision of the rebar standard by the Chinese government and will continue to support its implementation and the use of vanadium microalloying for hot-rolled rebar.