Static Recrystallization Kinetics in Warm Worked Vanadium Microalloyed Steels


The effect of vanadium on static recrystallization kinetics of vanadium microalloyed carbon steels after simulating warm working conditions has been determined using the stress relaxation method in plane strain compression tests. In the warm working regime, undissolved fine V(C,N) precipitates promote a fine austenite grain size during reheating and interact with the recrystallization process after working, leading to longer recrystallization times in comparison with plain C–Mn steels. The interaction between precipitates and recrystallization is different to that observed for hot working conditions, retarding the total recrystallization process and thus resulting in a lower value of the Avrami exponent and a longer t0.5 time.


acicular ferrite, vanadium microalloying, intragranular ferrite nucleation, vanadium nitride precipitation.


C. García-Mateo, B. López, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe


CEIT and ESII, Materials Department, Uni6ersity of Na6arra, P° M. Lardizabal 15, 20018 San Sebastia´n, Basque Country, Spain


Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 303, 2001, pp.216–225