Vanadium in Medium and High Carbon Steels


This brief review of applications of vanadium to medium and high carbon steels is only an indication of the many applications where vanadium is the microalloy of choice. Vanadium has many advantages in ease of processing and in effectiveness of achieving desired properties. These advantages, particularly ease of casting and high solubility, are particularly useful when manufacturing medium and high carbon steels. The proportional strengthening properties of vanadium, with no negative side effects on properties, makes vanadium the microalloyof choice for these applications.


Vanadium medium and high carbon steels, forging Steels, wire Rod, steel bars and shapes, rail steel.


R. J. Glodowski


Strategic Minerals Corporation


he Use of Vanadium in Steel - Proceedings of the Vanitec Symposium, Guilin, China, Nov., 2000, pp.36-40