Implementation of Chinese Rebar Standard Has Resulted in 89% of Surveyed Rebar Producers Adopting Vanadium…

The implementation of the Chinese Rebar standard is a remarkable and exemplary action. Vanitec supports the mandate of enforcing stricter…

V-Strength, No. 9

Vanitec Newsletter, Issue No. 9, February 2019.


Vanadium Technical Bulletin, Issue No. 6, August 2018

Structure-properties Relationship of Ultra-fine Grained V-microalloyed Dual Phase Steels

C.P. Scott (1), F. Fazeli (1), B. Shalchi Amirkhiz (1), I. Pushkareva (1), S.Y.P. Allain…

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V-Strength, No. 8

Vanitec Newsletter, Issue No. 8, May 2018.

Vanitec’s Hosts Successful Technical Seminar In Beijing On Implementation Of China’s New Rebar Standard

Vanitec - CISRI Vanadium Technology Centre held a seminar on the production process and application of Vanadium microalloyed high strength…

Randomization of Ferrite/austenite Orientation Relationship and Resultant Hardness Increment by Nitrogen Addition in Vanadium-microalloyed Low…

Yongjie Zhang (1), Kunio Shinbo (1), Takahito Ohmura (2), Takuya Suzuki (2), Kaneaki Tsuzaki (3), Goro Miyamoto (1), Tadashi Furuhara (1)

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Vanadium Technical Bulletin, February 2018

Vanitec Applauds New Stricter Chinese Rebar Standard

GB/T 1499.2—2018 《Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete— Part 2: Hot Rolled ribbed Bars》has been released



V-Strength, No. 7

Vanitec Newsletter, Issue No. 7, November 2017


Vanadium Technical Bulletin, July 2017

PNNL Technology-Based Battery Wins Green Chemistry Challenge Award

A Washington state company that produces a battery based on technology developed at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National…

Clean Technology Expert Praises Vanadium Flow Battery, 6 June 2017.

Theoretical and Experimental Nucleation and Growth of Precipitates in a Medium Carbon–Vanadium Steel

 Sebastián F. Medina (1), Inigo Ruiz-Bustinza (1) , José Robla (1)  and Jessica Calvo (2)

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Vanadium Microalloying for Ultra-high Strength steel Sheet Treated by Hot-dip Metallising

B. Hutchinson (1), D. Martin1, O. Karlsson (1), F. Lindberg1, H. Thoors (1), R. K.W. Marceau…

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Interphase Precipitation – An Interfacial Segregation Model

Samuel Clark (1), Vit Janik (1), Yongjun Lan (1,2), Seetharaman Sridhar1 (1)

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Corrosion Resistant of Inorganic Coating for 50CrVA Spring Steel at Elevated Temperatures

 Xiaomeng ZHANG (1), Lianqi WEI (1), Xiaojing WANG (1,2)  Guoyan FU (1,2)  Ziyi LIU (1,3)  Bo YU…

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V-Strength, No. 6

Vanitec Newsletter, Issue No. 6, April 2017